You Might Be at Risk of Dementia if You Do This

Dementia usually surfaces in older adults, but it’s not part of normal aging. Dementia patients often find it significantly more difficult to handle everyday activities.

If you struggle with the following issues, it’s best to get checked for dementia.

Dressing Wrongly

The decision-making center of a dementia-affected brain will be less active than usual. This occurrence can lead to people choosing the wrong clothes for the current season, such as wearing thick and warm clothes for a sunny day.

Advanced dementia patients may also resist changing clothes, as they believe they’re dressing correctly for the occasion. For instance, they may insist on wearing a business suit to bed.

Dementia can also cause people to forget the order in which they should put on clothes. They may put on a dress shirt inside out or leave a jacket arm unused.


If you’re concerned that you may have dementia, it’s best to consult a doctor along with someone who knows your habits. A doctor can check for any problems, assess your abilities, and instruct a caregiver on how to help you with your everyday tasks if necessary.

Don’t Hesitate

It’s recommended to schedule an appointment right away if you notice any of these signs. The sooner the problem is detected, the easier it is to prevent it from worsening. These treatments aren’t foolproof, but they certainly do help.

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