Why and When to Take Your Vitamin Supplements

There’s been much debate about supplements and their health benefits. Some swear by them and immediately feel their benefits. Others take them religiously but never notice their effects. This could be a result of taking them at the wrong time.

Some supplements won’t provide any health benefits, and many of them won’t be absorbed properly if not taken at the right time of day. This may seem strange; however, research has proven that when you take supplements plays a big role in how effective they are.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Research suggests that when Vitamin D supplements are ingested, the body’s response is to operate as if it’s daytime. Therefore, taking Vitamin D pills in the evening could disrupt sleep patterns. To add to the confusion, Vitamin D is best absorbed after a full meal that is high in fat. For many, that meal usually comes in the evening.

Calcium is better absorbed by the body when taken with Vitamin D. Magnesium competes for absorption with calcium and since magnesium promotes sleep, it’s best to take a calcium supplement earlier in the day.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements can cause acid reflux which can disturb sleep patterns. It’s best absorbed when consumed with a healthy fat source and research suggests taking fish oil supplements with breakfast or lunch.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins should always be taken in the morning. These vitamins stimulate brain activity and play an important role in energy production. When taken in the evening, this vitamin group could disrupt sleep patterns.

Some Supplements Can Negatively Affect Sleep

The time of day you take your daily supplements can play an important part in their effectiveness. More importantly, B Vitamins, fish oil supplements, and calcium can severely disrupt sleep and should only be taken earlier in the day.

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