What Your Farts Are Trying to Tell You

Have you been exceptionally flatulent lately?

Remember, it’s a completely normal bodily function. But one or more of the things on this list could be exacerbating it.

1. Not Respecting Your Gut Biome

Your farts are created by the bacteria in your colon. No one’s intestinal flora is the same. This is why some people get bloated when they eat certain foods. Generally speaking, your gut bacteria like to “eat” fiber and resistant starches. If you’re eating a lot of legumes or fiber-rich meals, it could be what’s making your flatulence worse.

If you fart more when eating some foods, it means your bacteria has become more active.

2. You’re Sensitive to Certain Allergens

Dairy and gluten are the usual suspects, so you could start by eliminating those from your diet and see what happens. Even if you haven’t been lactose intolerant in the past, our bodies produce less lactase as we age, which makes it more difficult to digest the sugar.

However, there are many potential culprits, including onions, garlic, legumes, and stone fruit.

3. You’re Eating Too Fast

A common problem for people who eat too quickly is ingesting air into their stomachs as they eat. Those gases have only two ways to go, up or down. Unless you’re burping it out, it’s going to find another way to leave your body.

You may experience a similar problem when consuming carbonated drinks. Most of the CO2 in carbonated drinks ends up escaping through the mouth, but not all of it.

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