This Sleep Position Could Hurt Your Spine

Most of us don’t think much about the position we sleep in. However, not many people know that sleeping in certain positions could affect sleep quality and even hurt our spine.

Read on to learn which sleep position you should avoid if you don’t want to hurt your spine.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Many people sleep on their stomach and find this position comfy. However, a study shows this position isn’t good for your spine. Namely, sleeping on our stomach makes the back arch awkwardly, thus putting extra pressure on your spine’s muscles. This happens because this position flattens your spine’s natural curve.

Besides hurting the spine, sleeping on your stomach could lead to neck and upper back pain.

Should You Sleep on Your Back Instead?

Instead of sleeping on your stomach, many experts recommend sleeping on your back. This position allows even weight distribution across the body instead of putting extra pressure on certain points.

Sleeping on your back can also reduce headaches and alleviate sinus pressure.

What About Sleeping on the Side?

Side sleeping has its advantages and disadvantages. It can reduce back and joint pain, but it can also put pressure on the spine and hips. If you often sleep on your side, it’s recommended to put a pillow between your knees to reduce the pressure.

Sleep Like an Angel

If you’re used to sleeping on your stomach and can’t seem to find another comfortable position, there are ways to mitigate the pressure on your spine. Try using a thin pillow for your head or putting it under your pelvis. You can also invest in a firm mattress to prevent sinking into it and arching your back even more.

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