This Popular Cleaning Product Could Be Damaging Your Liver

Unfortunately, many of the products we use to keep our homes clean may also be harmful to our bodies. Due to the potential health risks that certain cleaning products can carry, the EPA and the Cleveland Clinic have warned users of these potentially harmful chemicals.

Your Counter Cleaner Could Be Harming Your Health

In addition to being harmful to the environment, a number of commonly-used chemicals found in upholstery and rug cleaning products, such as naphthalene and ammonium hydroxide, are known carcinogenics that can cause cancer and liver damage.

The EPA noted that exposure to tetrachloroethylene, a common ingredient in commercial cleaning agents, can cause various health problems such as kidney dysfunction, respiratory issues, and many other lasting effects. Tetrachloroethylene can also affect developmental growth in children and fertility in adults.

Healthy Alternatives

You don’t have to resort to using harmful chemicals to clean your home. There are natural products in the market that will get the job done. Equipment like steam cleaners can also provide a toxic-free way to sanitize the home.

Wearing gloves and keeping pets and children away from the area is also important when it comes to safely cleaning upholstery and rugs. Another important safety measure is to wait until the cleaning product fumes have dissipated before returning to the room. Wearing a mask can also prevent you from breathing in toxic fumes.

Safety First

If you think you’ve been exposed to this cleaning product, talk to your doctor to see if it has caused any problems.

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