These Delicious Foods Also Help With Weight Loss

Foods that help you lose weight should have three essential factors. They should help speed up metabolism, keep you full for longer and taste good. With this in mind, we’ve reached out to dieticians to help identify products that meet these criteria. Here’s what they said worked best for their clients.


Turmeric is a popular cooking ingredient, especially in India. In this region, it’s not only considered a great spice but a therapeutic treatment as well. Turmeric consists of a compound known as curcumin which has been found to reduce body fat. Including it in your recipes will aid you in your weight loss journey.

Resistant Starch

Regular starch comes from products like rice and bread, which increase your insulin levels. The insulin then makes you feel hungry. However, resistant starch doesn’t work in the same way.

Resistant starch consists of products you can’t efficiently digest in the small intestine. They instead ferment in the large intestine producing food for your gut bacteria. This might sound quite unpleasant, but the microbes boost gut health and lower your risk of diabetes and obesity. Products like oats, barley, and plantain contain resistant starch.


Avocados are a great addition to your diet. They have lots of fiber which keeps you feeling full for longer. They also contain mono-saturated fat for improved heart health.

Avocados go great on salads, smoothies, or toast. Dieticians have found that they increase metabolism, a critical factor in weight loss. However, these experts say you shouldn’t consume more than half an avocado daily.

Selecting nutritious and filling foods will ensure you follow a healthy, weight-conscious diet.

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