The Best Moves to Help You Walk Off Arm Fat

Walking is a stress-free way to boost your mood and lead a more physically active life. However, it can do more than tone your leg muscles. Creating a personalized walking routine can help you meet your fitness goals and get rid of that stubborn saggy skin from your arms.

Read on to learn more.

Use Your Body

Elaborate gym equipment is a powerful motivator for some people to complete their workout, but don’t underestimate the power of bodyweight exercises. Moving your arms as you walk sounds simple, but it will engage all the muscles responsible for burning off the calories.

Taking a break from walking is an excellent opportunity to rest your legs and focus on the arms instead. Pushups require a lot of control and engage your biceps and triceps while also strengthening the shoulders.

Also, triceps dips are a great arm toner and a simple way to spice up your walking routine. Get into a sitting position and place your arms on a bench behind you. Keep the legs straight as your push yourself up and go back down again.

Incorporate Weights Into Your Walking Routine

Another method that will shape up your arms is weight training. Carrying a weight in each hand and lifting your arms as you walk will make the workout more intense and help pass the time.

Lifting a pair of dumbbells and moving them towards and away from your chest will work your biceps and improve overall arm strength. You can also try overhead triceps extensions. This move involves holding the dumbbells over your head and carefully lowering them backward until the biceps reach the forearm.

Walk Your Way Into Great Shape

Walking is often brushed off as an activity that neglects the upper body, but slightly tweaking your routine will help you see results in no time. Whether you prefer bodyweight exercises or enjoy weight training, remember that consistency and good form will help improve your health and physique.

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