Skipping This Before Bed Might Damage Your Heart, Experts Say

As the number one killer in the U.S., heart disease is a serious matter. This condition claims more than 650,000 lives yearly, so prevention is paramount.

Generally, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to steer clear of heart disease. However, significant changes like quitting smoking or taking up exercise are not the only habits you should implement. Your little daily routines also have a substantial impact on your heart health. In fact, skipping one innocent thing, in particular, can end up hurting you more than you might expect.

Add This to Your Bedtime Routine

We’ve all been taught to brush and floss our teeth before bed, but many people admittedly often skip the latter. According to a survey, only 30% of American adults floss daily, while another 30% don’t do it at all.

Flossing is crucial for maintaining oral health: it removes the bits of food your toothbrush isn’t able to, which helps control the number of bacteria in your mouth. If you don’t floss, the bacteria feeding on the residue can multiply, leading to conditions like gum disease.

Science has yet to establish a definitive connection, but studies have shown a positive correlation between poor oral health and heart conditions. Bacteria from your mouth might be able to travel to other parts of your body and cause inflammation.

You have one more reason to listen to your dentist’s advice if you’re already diagnosed with a heart condition. Gum disease can worsen it, especially if you also have high cholesterol. However, maintaining oral health has massive benefits regardless of whether you’re concerned about your heart.

Floss Away

The risk factors of heart disease are too many to count, but failing to floss daily could be one of them. While flossing may not prevent heart disease directly, it can help manage the bacteria that could otherwise cause you various issues down the line. One thing is for sure: this habit can only benefit you.

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