Lower Your Cholesterol With These Exercises

Healthy cholesterol levels encourage cell production, but cholesterol imbalance puts people at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular conditions. Fortunately, several exercises will allow patients with high cholesterol to bolster their health.

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The Dangers of High Cholesterol

When there’s excess cholesterol in the body, the substance is potentially dangerous since fat deposits may clog the arteries and prevent blood flow. The deposits clot and break in some cases, leading to more severe issues like strokes and heart attacks.

Although some people are genetically predisposed to the condition, high cholesterol may result from unhealthy lifestyle habits. A poor diet affects how you look and feel, but it also causes sudden cholesterol spikes.

Patients with lupus, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes often have cholesterol imbalances.

Additionally, taking certain cancer or acne medications might result in high cholesterol.

Several factors can lead to extra cholesterol, so it’s essential that you exercise to improve your health.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is an excellent way of regulating cholesterol levels. If going to the gym motivates you to train harder, use the treadmill or the step machine. Swimming, jogging, and cycling are other great alternatives. Moreover, you can sign up for a Zumba class if you prefer to work out with friends.

Resistance Training and Yoga

Another method of managing high cholesterol is resistance training. If you’re new to weightlifting, start small and work your way to more demanding routines. To keep bad cholesterol at bay, incorporate yoga into your exercise sessions.

Stay Healthy with Professional Help

Talk to your care provider or personal trainer about changing your workout routine. With more aerobic exercise and resistance training, you’ll build an effective regimen to combat high cholesterol.

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