Is the “Slugging” Trend Beneficial for Your Skin?

The new skincare craze known as “slugging” has become increasingly popular in recent months. Many followers of this trend claim that the skin will become more hydrated, glossy, rejuvenated, and even younger as a result of this treatment. Even though this might seem too good to be true, the benefits of “slugging” are getting more and more credibility in the beauty industry.

Why Has “Slugging” Become so Popular?

The hashtag #slugging has been trending on Twitter recently. More than 180 million people have viewed TikTok’s video about this new skincare method. This is likely because of the unique way this treatment works. This self-care craze might make your skin seem like a slug’s at first, but then you’ll enjoy radiant moisturization.

Here’s How “Slugging” Works

During slugging, participants apply Vaseline or Aquaphor-like products on their faces. Using those products makes perfect sense since they are proven to moisturize the skin. Dermatologists have long utilized this method to treat a variety of skin diseases.

For example, using Vaseline on dry, flaky skin and minor cuts or wounds is a common practice. Moreover, good skin health is critical to good health in general. Skin disorders are frequent and can be quite painful if left untreated. Hence, “slugging” is a suitable prevention method to avoid such potential issues.

The process is relatively straightforward as well. After hydrating your skin, pick the product you want to use and “slather” it all over your face before going to sleep.

However, this is not a new concept at all. Some comments on TikTok show that grandmas used to recommend “slugging” to avoid wrinkles. Of course, the term “slugging” wasn’t around at that time. However, people prone to acne should consult their dermatologist before trying out slugging to avoid worsening their condition.

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