If You’ve Done This, Get Tested for Hepatitis C

Many individuals who have hepatitis C are unaware they’re infected. This can be dangerous since hepatitis C is the leading cause of various liver conditions that can severely impact your life. Unlike many other health conditions, liver issues aren’t always caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or genetics. Instead, they can result from a one-time occurrence, such as getting a tattoo.

Keep reading to learn why getting a tattoo potentially threatens your liver health.

How Can a Tattoo Lead to Hepatitis C?

A 2006 study found that people with hepatitis C are roughly four times more likely to have one or multiple tattoos.

However, it’s important to note that not all tattoo applications are equally dangerous. The crucial factors in determining whether getting a tattoo poses a health threat are the conditions in which it was done. Tattoos done under sanitary conditions are generally not associated with an increased risk of hepatitis C.

You might have a reason for concern if any of the following rings true for your tattoo process:

  • The equipment used wasn’t new.
  • The equipment wasn’t properly sterilized.
  • The tattoo artist didn’t follow proper hygienic guidelines, such as using separate containers with ink for each client.

What Other One-Time Occurrences Can Lead to Hepatitis C?

Although some patterns of behavior, such as high-risk sexual behavior, can increase the risk for hepatitis C, most risk factors are one-time occurrences. These include:

  • A blood transfusion before June 1992.
  • Injecting drugs at any point of your life.
  • A needle stick accident.

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