Hula Hoop Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

In addition to strengthening your core, hula hoops are an excellent method to burn calories. Losing weight with hula hoops can be an extremely efficient way to get fit and toned. According to the American Council on Exercise, people who do hula hoops workouts can burn around seven calories a minute. It also improves your posture, core muscles, and blood flow and tones your belly. Here’s a list of exercises that will target that belly fat.

Weighted Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is known as a terrific method to burn more calories while keeping your core active. Weighted hula hoops are better for beginners since they are more manageable, and the workout is more effective.

Standing Twist

Keep the hula hoop in place as you perform standing twists using your hands. For 5-10 seconds, rotate the upper body to the right before repeating it on the other side while keeping your legs steady and shoulder-width apart. Repetitions and sets can be increased as the exercise becomes easier. In this way, your core muscles will be more engaged, and you’ll target that belly fat.

Russian Twist

A Russian twist is a variation of a standing twist that can be done while seated on the ground with a hula hoop placed in front of you and your legs up. This position requires you to do 5-10 seconds of right-to-left hula-hooping.


Sitting in the same position as before, lean slightly back and raise your legs. Then drop your legs, however, don’t allow them to touch the ground before bringing your legs back up, so your body takes on a V-shape.

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