How Your Armpits Can Hint You May Have Diabetes

Regular doctor visits along with routine blood sugar testing are the norm when ensuring you don’t have diabetes. But did you know that your armpits could give you a clue if you are indeed diabetic? It sounds strange, but there’s some science behind this fact.

Diabetics sometimes experience changes to their skin that are directly related to the disease. Those with diabetes could develop a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans. Its biggest symptom is thick, dark, velvety skin that develops in natural skin creases. These areas include the neck, elbows, knees – and you guessed it – armpits. The affected areas may also itch and have an odor.

Too much insulin in the body can sometimes cause skin cells to reproduce too quickly, thus causing this condition.

Consult a Doctor for a Proper Diagnosis

If you do notice a change in your skin condition, especially in your underarms, it’s important that you see your primary care physician as soon as possible. Although it’s more common to develop acanthosis nigricans well after you’ve been diagnosed, there’s a chance it could occur prior to knowing of your condition. In some cases, it could be the first sign of a blood sugar or insulin issue.

There are other causes of this skin condition. It could also be caused by glandular or thyroid issues. There can be numerous other reasons, so be aware that developing a dark or thick patch of skin in your underarms could be harmless.

Can Your Armpits Predict Diabetes?

The appearance of unusual skin in your armpits could be a clue that you are diabetic. If you notice a change in this area, it’s best to meet with your doctor so they can give you a proper diagnosis.

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