How COVID Symptoms May Appear Orally

COVID symptoms have become very similar to the flu, common cold, or seasonal allergies. Therefore, knowing that you have COVID isn’t as simplistic as before. Fortunately, in some cases, COVID produces stand-out symptoms to confirm its presence.

Keep reading to learn the COVID telltales signs in the mouth area.

COVID Tongue

Many coronavirus patients may experience tongue swelling, bumps, inflammation, or a consistent furry white or yellow coating on the tongue. According to health experts, it’s common for viruses to cause changes to mucus membranes, like spots or ulcers in the mouth.

Possible Sources of COVID Tongue

COVID tongue may be an outcome of inflamed infected receptors in the mouth. The ACE2 receptor enzymes are an entry point for SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. These enzymes live in significant numbers on the tongue and the mouth mucous membranes. Exposure to the virus may cause them to go crazy and create bumps, patchiness, and swelling.

Oral Lesions

Canker sores, oral thrush, or fever blisters have also been commonly reported. Researchers found that fever blisters and canker sores tend to be triggered by immune stress. In addition, it’s believed that coronavirus could directly attack tongue cells.

Dry Mouth

According to doctors, a parched mouth is another COVID symptom and the most common oral-related sign. A study found that 43% of people that tested positive for COVID experienced dry mouth.

How to Keep Safe

Try to avoid the sick and unwell and practice good hand hygiene. Keep your immune system strong with healthy eating and regular exercise. If you’re ill, stay away from others, and if you’re concerned about prolonged COVID symptoms, contact your doctor.

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