Here’s How Your Skin Tells You Your Lungs Are in Trouble

Lung issues are usually related to respiratory symptoms, like having trouble breathing, coughing, and wheezing. Not many people know that certain signs indicating our lungs are in trouble can appear on our skin.

Here’s how our skin can indicate something’s wrong with our lungs.

Red or Purple Bumps

Reddish or purple bumps on the skin can indicate numerous things and aren’t always alarming. However, bumps such as these could be a symptom of a dangerous condition of unknown cause: sarcoidosis. This condition affects the lungs and causes patches of small bumps, usually around the ankles or lower legs. People with sarcoidosis may also notice dark patches, sores, or lesions on the skin.

Fast-Growing Bumps

There are indications the appearance of bumps can be a sign of lung cancer. If the cancer has spread, people can notice fast-growing, bleeding bumps, usually on the upper body. It’s important to point out that these bumps are usually painless and reddish in color. Although the bumps are generally connected with the terminal stages of cancer, they can also appear among the first symptoms.

Scaly and Itchy Rash

Many people have experienced a scaly and itchy rash at least once in their lives. While such a rash isn’t always a cause for concern, it can be a sign of an underlying issue. This rash could be a symptom of dermatomyositis, a rare condition that can affect the lungs.

Don’t Ignore the Symptoms

If you notice any unusual changes on your skin with no obvious cause, it’s best to visit your doctor. Don’t forget to go for an annual checkup even if you don’t have any symptoms. The best way to fight against disease is to see your doctor regularly and get proper tests and screenings.

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