Here’s How Your Hands Can Indicate a Heart Problem

Since we use our hands a lot, it’s easy to overlook the subtle messages they’re trying to send. While problems with palms, fingers, and nails are usually ignored, they can actually be a symptom of an underlying heart condition.

Here’s how our hands could indicate a heart problem.

Lumps in Fingers

If you can feel hard lumps in your fingers that hurt when you touch them, they could be a sign of a heart problem. These lumps are also called Osler’s nodes, and are one of the symptoms of infectious endocarditis. This condition is a potentially life-threatening inflammation of the lining of your heart’s valves or chambers.

The nodes can last from a few hours to several days. If they don’t go away, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Red Lines Under Fingernails

Lines under our fingernails could be a sign of vitamin deficiency and other conditions. But red or purple lines can indicate a heart infection or disease. Such lines are called splinter hemorrhaging, and it’s believed they appear due to bacteria in the heart vessels. If you notice these lines and have an irregular heartbeat or fever, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

Discoloration on Palms

Reddish or brownish discoloration on your palms could mean your heart’s in danger. This could be a symptom of a bacterial infection in your heart or blood vessels. The discoloration is usually painless and can come and go in a matter of days.

Take Care of Your Heart

A healthy diet and regular physical activity can keep your heart in excellent shape. Besides that, don’t forget that prevention is key. Regular checkups ensure there are no underlying heart issues. If there are any problems, it’s much better to catch and treat them promptly

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