Here Are Signs That You Should Visit a Spine Specialist Immediately

The spine is a vital organ because it has nerves that send signals to the brain for better movement coordination. So, keep reading to discover signs of spinal problems and whether you need to see a specialist to address the issue immediately.

Back Pain

Back pain primarily indicates that something is wrong with the spine. For instance, if you’ve recently had an accident and are experiencing back pain that doesn’t go away, it may be best to visit a general physician or a spine specialist to determine the underlying problem.

Numbness or Weakness in the Foot or the Leg

Numbness in the foot or leg area may indicate spinal cord compression. The doctor can assess the situation by asking where you feel the most pain when standing on an incline or flat ground.

Some people may also experience numbness and tingling in the groin. If this is the result of spinal problems, the person might also face problems using the bathroom.

Leg Pain After Walking Short Distance

Walking a short distance shouldn’t be a problem for most people. But feeling pain in the leg or feet after walking a short distance could be a sign of a spinal defect. These symptoms may be accompanied by instability in the legs and frequent falls.

Reduced Hand and Finger Movement

Your spinal cord has nerves that connect your hands, fingers, and the entire arm to the brain. The interruption of these nerves can cause difficulty in accomplishing tasks that require the use of arms and fingers. As a result, patients may have trouble buttoning and zipping clothes. Others may notice a drastic change in their handwriting.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you must visit a spine specialist and get the required treatments before the condition deteriorates.

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