Foods to Avoid if You Experience Painful Headaches

Headaches affect around 45 million people in the United States each year, so there is certainly room for treatment options. Headaches can be caused or worsened by an imbalanced diet. By paying attention to nutrition, it’s possible to reduce your pain levels. Even though there are several possible causes of headaches, food is undoubtedly one of them.

Here are some foods and food habits you should try to avoid If you have painful headaches.

Skipping Meals

Headaches, nausea, and dizziness can all be symptoms of low blood sugar resulting from skipping meals. Avoiding headaches stemming from low blood sugar levels is easier if you eat light snacks and meals throughout the day.

Not Eating Enough Protein

Even a small amount of protein in snacks and meals can go a long way toward maintaining stable blood sugar levels. When you consume a lot of carbs without any protein, your blood sugar will increase and fall more quickly. A dip in blood sugar might cause a headache in a matter of minutes. Adding some protein into your diet is a great way to prevent that.

Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Headaches caused by caffeine come in a wide variety of forms. Whether it’s too much, too little, or too late for a cup of coffee, there are three distinct types of coffee headaches.

If you consume coffee before eating anything, you may have headaches and jitteriness. Caffeine can worsen the symptoms of low blood sugar levels.

Avoid headaches caused by caffeine by having a balanced breakfast heavy in fiber and protein while consuming only one cup of coffee.

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