Fast-Food Chains to Avoid When Looking for 100% Chicken Sandwiches

Many people across the U.S. love chicken sandwiches. However, most fast-food chains nationwide don’t offer 100% chicken sandwiches.

If you’re looking for a 100% chicken sandwich, avoid the fast-food chains listed below.


Whataburger is one of the best restaurants offering crispy chicken sandwiches. However, you may be disappointed to hear that the chicken in the sandwich is not 100% chicken since they are additives that look exactly like chicken meat. Even though the sandwiches are tasty, the meat comprises other components such as isolated soy protein and sodium phosphate.


Arby’s is another fast-food chain that offers different types of fast food. If you order a chicken sandwich at Arby’s and expect to get 100% chicken, you will be shocked that those cut meats are not chicken. Arby’s uses corn protein and hydrolyzed soy in their sandwiches. Proteins are then added on top to enhance the taste.


McDonald’s offers some of the best chicken sandwiches. However, there have been controversies surrounding the nature of the chicken meat used. The truth is that McDonald’s chickens are made through a detailed process involving different types of ingredients. The chicken meats are made up of corn flour, leavening products, lemon juice, and many others.


Subway is one of the fast-food chains that has been in the eyes of the public over, faking chicken sandwiches. Most chicken products offered by subways are made from non-chicken material such as soy to form chicken meat applied in chicken sandwiches.

Ditch These Fast-Food Chains Today and Find Alternatives

Despite the fast-food chains listed above offering tasty foods, they don’t use 100% chicken meat in their chicken sandwiches. Ditch them today and find suitable alternatives where you can get a 100% legitimate product.

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