Eyesight Changes That May Signal a Serious Condition

Not only are your eyes a window to the soul, but they can also provide insight into your physical well-being. Many eye symptoms serve as a red flag for severe health conditions, and there is one sign, in particular, that could be a sign of cancer and shouldn’t be ignored.

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Sudden Change of Vision

You should seek medical attention if your vision suddenly changes and does not clear through drops. Other sudden changes may include pain or discomfort. However, blurry vision can indicate an eye melanoma. Eye melanoma is a cancer that develops in the cells producing melanin. Your eyes also produce melanin and can develop melanoma.

Blurry Vision

Sudden blurred vision isn’t always a cause for concern. Dryness in the eyes is a common culprit in some cases, as many of us spend a large portion of our day staring at screens. Dry eyes may feel scratchy, gritty, or irritated and prone to producing mucus and sight interference.

When Blurry Vision Could Be Serious

To differentiate whether the blurred vision is temporary or could be a sign of something serious, look for accompanying symptoms such as:

  • Weakness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • An altered sensation in another part of your body

Cover one of your eyes to check for blurriness in both eyes and double or shadowed vision. Observe when the blurriness occurs.

Does it happen at all distances? Does it involve brightness changes, for example? These signs could mean you need medical attention.

Practise Eye Care to Reduce Melanoma Risk

Eye-health habits include regular eye checks, reducing screen time, and, if you wear contacts, ensuring they’re kept clean. If you are concerned about persistent blurry vision, speak to an eye care professional.

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