CBD Oils for Beginners: Determining Your Dosage

If you’re a CBD beginner or interested in seeing if CBD oil can alleviate your symptoms, it’s essential to understand some basics before beginning.

Here, you will find a brief introduction to CBD and the information needed to determine the dosage that works best for you.

What Is CBD Oil?

Since 2015, when the FDA first eased regulatory requirements on CBD, countless products have come onto the market. CBD oils are often used for managing pain, inflammation, skin concerns, anxiety, and more. Since there is no standard dosage, it can be challenging to determine where to start.

Dosages Best Practice

A good rule of thumb for CBD is to “start low, go slow.” This means new users determining their dosage should start with a low potency and raise it slowly until they see the desired results.

Dosages don’t need to remain the same daily, either. On days when you’re facing stronger symptoms, you may need a more potent dose.

How Strong Is Strong?

Opinions vary regarding what is a high versus low potency. An example of a standard range would be:

Low Potency – less than 15mg/mL

Average Potency – 15-50 mg/mL

High Potency – more than 50 mg/mL

In this case, any dose under 15 mg would be considered a low dose and a good place to start.

Higher Potency Oil Benefits

Of course, as you increase the dose, you’ll experience more noticeable benefits. It can also be more convenient to take one small drop of a higher potency than more drops of a lower potency.

One problem with taking the higher potency oils could be more intense side effects, such as nausea, fatigue, and irritability. It isn’t recommended for new users to begin with high-potency oils because it’s more difficult to adjust the dosage precisely.

Before Starting

Don’t forget to speak with your doctor before beginning CBD oil as a treatment. They can offer more information and track any potential interactions with other medications you are taking.

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