Avoid This Yogurt for a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

Yogurt can be delicious and nutritious; it supports good health and assists in weight management. It can kick start your morning or can also be enjoyed as a snack at any time. However, while it may seem that yogurt can do it all, some brands are guaranteed to cause your blood sugar to spike.

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What Is the Worst Yogurt for a Healthy Blood Sugar Level?

When trying to keep your blood glucose levels balanced, the worst yogurt you could buy are brands marketed to children. Their high sugar and low-in protein combination is bad news for healthy blood sugar management.

The multi-colored yogurt filled with little candy bits added to some yogurt brands makes it appealing to children and adults but does cause blood sugar spikes. But there are so many great tasting healthier options available. When deciding on the right type, look at the ingredients label. The best yogurts contain no more than 10 grams of total sugar and 15 grams of total carbohydrates per serving.

Which Yogurt Is Best for a Healthy Blood Sugar Level?

Greek yogurt is the healthiest type.

If you can enjoy yogurt with very little sugar, Greek yogurt triumphs in delivering the best nutrition. Choose a Greek yogurt high in protein and low in carbs, with, at most, 10 grams per serving and no more. This type of yogurt is a win-win for anyone with diabetes, as the protein curbs hunger and prevents blood sugar from spiking.

Greek Yogurt Is the Best

Greek yogurt is the best if you enjoy yogurt for breakfast or as a light snack and are keeping an eye on your blood sugar level. A high protein brand (at least 10 grams per serving) will help keep your blood sugar levels low as the protein breaks down more slowly.

If you’re not keen on Greek yogurt, many other yogurts are low in sugar. Just check the ingredients label first and look for brands with 10 grams of total sugar or less.

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