Are You Gaining Weight Even in Your Sleep?

Counting calories can be exhausting. So you thought you’d at least be free of those thoughts during your resting hours. But do some habits make you gain weight, even in your sleep?

Read on to find out.

Habits That Will Make You Gain Weight in Your Sleep

One of the reasons could be late dinners. During sleep, your body should focus on regenerating and healing. Adding food that needs to be digested into the equation complicates this process. Multitasking affects quality in every aspect of your life. The same goes for your body in sleep.

Avoid Milk and Coffee

Drinking milk before bed sounds just like the right way to relax. The tryptophan in milk helps you fall asleep in no time. But milk itself has calories, which will add to your daily intake and make you gain weight in the long run.

It should be no brainer that coffee isn’t your sleep’s friend. Avoid drinking it too late in the day, as a lack of sleep will certainly lead to weight gain.

Get off Social Media

Scrolling through social media isn’t your friend at any time of the day. Sure, you do need a small break from reality. But those breaks often take more time than you anticipated. This is especially bad before you go to bed, as you can easily lose two to three hours without even noticing.

Give TV a Miss

Watching TV is similar . Not only does it steal precious time, but often makes you crave snacks while doing it. It might seem difficult to break out of these habits but doing so will work wonders for your sleeping pattern.

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