Are Airwaav Mouthpieces the Gadgets of the Future for CrossFitters?

As with any endurance sport, CrossFit demands working smart and hard in equal measures. Performance tools for enhancing strength and endurance have become a “thing” in the training world, and Airwaav mouthpieces are on everybody’s radar. It’s one of the most talked about training devices that are – allegedly – worth the investment.

Can Airwaav change the face of fitness training? Read on to find out.

How Does Airwaav Work?

Airwaav was released in 2021 and has made a splash among performance and endurance athletes. While it looks like a protection mouthpiece, Airwaav aims to improve performance by improving breathing.

If you are a CrossFit athlete, you’re most probably among those who are the most enthusiastic about this training gadget. Airwaav works by pushing the tongue muscle down and forward when biting. That way, it creates an optimal airway opening in your mouth and decreases respiratory rate, cortisol, and lactate levels.

Benefits of Airwaav

The respiratory rate has an impact on many aspects of your body. The oxygen inhaled regulates your hormone levels, resulting in increased or decreased performance when doing physical activities. Airwaav aims to regulate this, lowering your breathing rate by almost 20%, reducing the release of lactic acid, and impacting endurance.

The mouthpiece also improves mental focus in athletes, maintaining healthy cortisol levels, which are known to influence “brain fog” if too high.

Why Not Give It a Try?

For the past year, CrossFitters who tried Airwaav swear by it, claiming that it has improved their training performance. After all, it can’t be bad if it regulates and optimizes breathing.

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