Adverse Consequences of Marihuana on Your Health

Despite legalization in several states, the debate on whether marihuana is good or bad for your overall health continues. A large part of the answer depends on the health issue you’re currently dealing with. When prescribed by a doctor, marihuana in different forms is safe, but there’s no denying the fact that it can have some adverse consequences.

Here are the three biggest side effects of this popular remedy.


Although a majority of people argue that consumption of this hemp product may elevate their mood and help them deal with various health issues, excessive and irresponsible marihuana consumption may lead to episodes of depression.

The Mayo Clinic has conducted research that confirms that patients who consume marihuana are more likely to suffer from depression than those who don’t.

Memory Loss

Another possible consequence of consuming marihuana is memory loss. Consumption of various hemp weeds has an almost direct effect on your cognitive ability. They affect areas of your brain such as the amygdala, cerebral cortex, and hippocampus – all of which play a crucial role in your memory.

Those who indulge in this weed more often than most might experience short-term memory loss.

Lung Damage

Inhaling any sort of smoke can damage your respiratory system. This goes for smoking regular cigarettes and marihuana, which can both cause lung damage. Marihuana, in particular, contains carcinogens that damage the inflow and outflow of air. In severe cases, this can lead to chronic bronchitis and other lung infections.

Marihuana May Damage Your Health

Although it has proven to be beneficial in dealing with certain health issues, marihuana also carries some worrisome consequences for your health such as depression, memory loss, and lung damage.

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