A Surprising Sign of Heart Disease for Middle-Aged Men

Diseases rarely appear without warning signs, so we must listen to what our bodies are telling us. However, these signs often have a surprising meaning. If you’re a man over 40, there is a symptom that might warrant a visit to a cardiologist. Read on to learn the details.

A 2022 study revealed that certain sexual symptoms might have a strong correlation with heart disease. The study followed 1,788 men aged 40-79 years for about 12 years. Researchers concluded that participants with erectile dysfunction, fewer morning erections, and overall lower libido had a much higher mortality risk than those who didn’t experience these symptoms. Erectile dysfunction and a lack of morning erections were particularly strong indicators of underlying health issues.

How are the two things related? The reason may come down to the arteries that supply the penis with blood. The arteries in this part of the body are especially narrow, and they should dilate each time a man gets an erection. If the arteries aren’t functioning properly, this is an indicator of a condition called atherosclerosis. A man may experience poor morning erections before other symptoms of a heart condition show themselves. Don’t take this lightly: these symptoms may point to an oncoming heart attack or stroke within the next five years.

Erectile dysfunction is clearly more than just a nuisance. It can be an indicator of various health issues besides a potential heart condition (type 2 diabetes and kidney disease are just some examples). You should talk to your doctor if you notice you aren’t getting morning erections like you used to.

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