8 Worst Breakfast Foods That Cause Inflammation

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. However, it’s typically made from high-sugar, high-fat foods that are not good for you. Here are eight breakfast foods that can lead to chronic inflammation, so eat them in moderation.


White potatoes are high in refined carbohydrates, which cause a rapid blood sugar spike. The abundance of oil needed to fry them doesn’t help. For a healthier alternative, mix sweet potatoes in with your white potatoes and prepare them in an air fryer with less oil.

Blended Coffees

The high sugar and cream content is not doing you any favors here. Try getting your coffee with unsweetened plant-based milk and a healthier sugar substitute.

Croissants and Other Pastries

Croissants are high in saturated fats as they contain loads of butter, and pastries are generally made from white flour. This can raise cholesterol and cause an inflammatory response.

Bacon & Sausage

These are highly processed meats which are high in saturated fat. While alternatives such as turkey bacon are slightly better, they’re still not great to overindulge in.

Waffles & Pancakes

These are usually made with white flour and loaded with carbohydrates, and get paired with sugary syrups for a double whammy of inflammation-triggering. Make them a little healthier by using whole wheat flour.

Full-Fat Dairy

While milk is a great source of calcium, full-fat dairy is also high in saturated fats and can cause more digestive issues than it helps. Consume dairy products in moderation and try low-fat substitutes.

Sweetened Cereals

Oatmeal or cereals can be a great source of vitamins and fiber. However, flavored or colored cereals often get doused with added sugar.

Sweetened Beverages

Juices and hot cocoa are some breakfast drinks that are high in added sugar which leads to inflammation. They can also lead to increased cholesterol levels and obesity.

Start Your Day Off Right

Start your day off right by choosing healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables or eggs. Not only are they better for you but they can help prevent health issues down the line.

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