5 Signs of a Serious Spine Condition

The spine is one of the essential parts of your body; it’s the framework and foundation. Regular movement and core strengthening exercises can help maintain a healthy spine.

Unfortunately, back pain is common and can affect anyone, even without injury. Millions of adults report an episode of some form of back pain or experience long-term back pain. Back pain can limit everyday activities and is the fourth leading cause of work limitations. However, persistent pain can also point toward a deep-seated spine issue.

Read on for more symptoms pointing to a severe spine condition.

Chronic and Intense Pain

Unremitting and intense pain indicates a severe spine disorder instead of standard back pain. A critical spine condition usually causes sharp and searing pain that is unaffected by body position.

Chills or Fever

Extreme chills or fever can point to an acute spinal condition and indicate a severe infection. Seek emergency care if you persistently experience these symptoms.

Leg Pain and Weakness

A feeling of weakness in the lower extremities, including feet, can make you prone to falls. Warning signs that differ from regular back pain are tingling, numbness, or heaviness in the legs. For instance, nerve pain in the buttocks traveling to the calves and the feet can point to a systemic issue.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss usually happens with various cancers, particularly metastatic cancer, which affects the spine. You should seek medical attention if you’re experiencing back pain and eating well but still losing weight.


A lack of bladder and bowel control can occur when a prominent disk herniation places pressure on several nerves or other severe spine conditions causing nerve root pressure.

Seek Medical Assistance for Chronic Back Pain

Debilitating back pain can affect anyone at any time. The spine will degenerate with age, increasing your risk of severe injury or conditions. Exercise and regular movement is recommended to help keep painful spine conditions problems at bay.

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