5 Healthy Non-Animal Based Protein

If you need to get your daily protein from a plant-based diet, don’t worry, there are options. For instance, your best bet for more protein is legumes. Therefore, you should opt to consume more peas, beans, and lentils.

Two primary protein types are found in most legumes: globulins and albumins. If you’re looking for ways to fulfill your dietary requirements with these protein types, here are five non-meat protein-rich alternatives.

Green Peas

Peas are legumes, and yes, you’re going to find the highest source of protein to be albumins and globulins. For instance, the former will make up approximately 20% of the total protein count and the latter 80%. Peas contain about 25% protein as part of their total compilation.


It’s true! You can get a portion of your daily protein requirement by adding quinoa to your meal plan. In particular, the two main types of protein that make up the total protein in the quinoa seed are chenopodin and albumin.


Lentils are a legume, and most of their protein is made up of globulin, up to 70%, to be exact. Furthermore, the other three types of protein that comprise lentils’ protein composition include albumins, glutelins, and prolamins.

Ezekiel Bread

Of all the items listed in this article, Ezekiel bread is the only one that isn’t a primary product. However, that’s not what’s important; the ingredients in Ezekiel bread are the star of this show. In particular, just look at the ingredients list, and you’ll know exactly where the protein in Ezekiel bread comes from: the soybeans and lentils.

Chia Seeds

There are 18 different amino acids in chia seeds, which, if you didn’t know, are the building blocks of protein. In addition, it contains all the nine essential amino acids your body needs from your diet.

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