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Aging is a part of life and there is no getting around it, but looking young for as long as possible is important to many people. Thankfully there are changes you can make to your lifestyle and diet that could slow some aging processes. Here are four supplements that could help you slow aging after 40.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A maintains healthy immune function, cellular growth and development, and cell to cell communication. It helps the heart and lungs function well. It’s also great for your eyes. Supplements may help lessen the risk of certain cancers and age-related vision loss and prevent and slow the effects of aging on the inside and outside of your body. Vitamin A is not naturally produced by our bodies, so it needs to be consumed by food or supplements.


Zinc is a fundamental nutrient for immune system function. Supplements with zinc may help thwart inflammation and immune system disfunction. Zinc plays biological roles in the body, mainly taking part in cell division and proliferation. The concentration of zinc in the brain cells shrinks with age and supplementing may help save cognitive functioning and memory.


Collagen is the leading structural protein in bones, tendons, and skin. It maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The production of collagen begins slowing down in early adulthood. Supplements of collagen, zinc, biotin, vitamins C and E, and fruit extract improved skin hydration, density, and elasticity. As you age your body stores less collagen, and it causes wrinkles and sagging.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D reduces inflammation and helps cellular growth, glucose metabolism, neuromuscular and immune function. It also helps preserve muscle and bone function since it’s correlated to higher testosterone levels.

Since vitamin D is only available through fortified milk or skin exposure to sunlight, many people struggle to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, especially during winter.

Stay Young

If you want to sustain healthy aging. It’s important to get regular exercise, avoid smoking, follow a nutrient-packed diet, and avoid drinking too much alcohol. Take care of your body and you could stay youthful for just a bit longer.

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