4 Ways Plogging Slows the Aging Process

Plogging is a fitness trend that started in Sweden and is gradually sweeping the rest of the world. It is jogging while picking up litter to keep you fit and caring for the environment. This fun activity offers several healthy benefits that have been scientifically proven to slow aging.

Keep reading to learn reasons to start plogging or continue to extend your life.

Benefits of Plogging

With plogging, you’ll reap all the benefits gained through regular jogging, including increased lung capacity, increased energy, and improving your body oxygenation. Here are some other ways plogging contributes to slowing the aging process.

Mind and Body Stress Relief Outlet

According to Harvard, the best way to address stress is through regular exercise, eating well, meditating, Yoga, and being social. A plogging routine feeds your body and mind with movement and is a social event as it’s usually performed with others.

Strengths Your Heart

In addition to lifting your mood and developing strength, regular cardio prevents cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses.

Volunteering Your Time Will Make You Feel Good

A happy heart is a healthy one. Performing a selfless deed can be soul-nourishing, and you’ll experience more happiness. Happiness also contributes to extending your life.

Consider Setting Up a Plogging Event

Slowing the aging process can be achieved through less stress, feelings of happiness, and an optimally working body. Arranging a neighborhood plogging event is a great way to get fit and socialize with your neighbors while you all take pride in helping to keep your surroundings clean.

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