4 Signs That Point to Basal Cell Cancer

Basal cell cancer, or BCC, is the most common type of skin cancer. The body parts typically affected by this cancer are those exposed to the sun, like the arms, neck, or head. Basal cell cancers are common, but the good news is that they’re treatable.

Here are the four signs to look out for.

Skin Spots

One of the major signs of basal cell cancer is skin spots. Usually, these cancerous lumps are red and firm. However, they can also appear flat and scaly. Either of these two cases indicates basal cell cancer.

Sores That Don’t Heal

If it takes weeks for your sores to heal, and they just bleed or form crusts, this might be an indicator of basal cell cancer. Sometimes, the sores might heal for a short period, and then bleed again.

Irritated Area

If there’s an area on your face, neck, or chest that causes non-stop irritation, itching, or discomfort, you might be dealing with basal cell cancer. These areas are often reddish and hurt to the touch.

Scar-Like Areas

If you notice a yellow, waxy, flat area somewhere on your body that looks like a scar, it’s potentially an invasive case of basal cell cancer. These areas will make the skin appear shiny, even though it’s oily in texture.

Basal Cell Cancer: Main Pointers

Basal cell cancer (BCC) is the most common form of skin cancer. There’s a high likelihood that you may be suffering from this skin illness if you have some of the following symptoms: skin spots, sores that don’t heal, irritated areas, and scar-like areas on the skin.

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